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We are currently in the final months of migrating our Microstation CAD based GIS data to Smallworld Electric Office (EO).  This is the first stage of a multi-stage project.  Once complete this will become our GIS update platform and will be used to serve data to multiple systems.  



Main responsibilities

The second phase of the project is to replace some of the ‘secondary’ systems that will be fed by EO with either a thick client EO desktop application or EO web.  There are multiple components to this stage including:


·        Replacement of our desktop planning application.

·        Replacement of the interface to our Streetworks application.

·        Creation of HV and EHV schematic diagrams in EO using the information in our  Poweron control system.

·        The creation of environmental and other datasets within EO.

·        Creation of  interfaces to various PSA products.

·        Configuration of the desktop and web application for use by different user groups, Wayleaves, Planning, and simple query, view plot users.

Ideal candidate

The base is Tipton in the West Mids or Nottingham. We may also consider Exeter as long as the person is willing/able to travel to the core location of Tipton on a fairly regular basis.

We are looking for someone with good Magik skills who is familiar with EO, although would also consider someone with a good knowledge of the original Smallworld GIS product. 

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